Fractal Designs

Kenny is an Axefx Endorser. This unit was a staple in my rack for the Reborn tour. Most of the special fx you heard in the show were programed on this unit!! It is a piece worth checking out!!

Lou Spagnola

Lou Spagnola, session bassist

Mixed Emotions on Myspace
Peter Vantine

Arranger/ Piano recording

Mercenary Audio

Fletcher at Mercenary is one of the few people we feel we can turn to. He has supplied us with our Crane Song and Empirical Labs equipment, as well as our Neve modules.

When we first called him, we thought we knew what we wanted, but he was able to figure it out better. His reccomended gear went into our racks as a trial and didn't leave.

He always has a lot of information, and is an invaluable resource for professional quality audio. And good for a story: there's more to learn in one dinner with Fletcher than most audio programs!

Parsons Audio

Parsons Audio helped us get our Pro Tools system up and running, which with the amount of stuff we dropped in was no easy task. From determining what we needed, to getting it configured, plus all the support on the phone with our questions - Samara and Rick were fantastic.

Things went so smoothly, we pulled the connections on our old system Thursday morning, picked up the system Thursday afternoon, connected and tested Friday and Saturday, and began locked out sessions that Sunday. We haven't had a day off since.

Terrific professional support!!!

Armen Chakmakian